In early January 2022, the Department of Transportation and Public Works updated the County’s 2014 Long Term Roads Plan. The current update (Summary Report) highlights accomplishments of the Pavement Preservation Program since the Board began increasing local funding contributions in 2012. This change in direction was largely in response to Save Our Sonoma Roads efforts that begin in autumn 2011.

The Department’s map depicts the completed and planned segments of its Pavement Preservation Program between 2012 – 2023 (Map of Preservation Completed and Planned). At this time 412 miles have been refurbished which will increase to 456 miles by 2023 (Pavement Preservation Cumulative Totals).

During this period Sonoma County’s overall pavement condition index has improved from 44 to 52 (County Overall Pavement Condition).  The major collector roads have improved from 73 to 79, and the minor collector roads from 46 to 55 (Annual Pavement Condition by Functional Class).  Local roads still have a long way to go, but have improved from 34 to 39.

Sonoma County apparently contributes more of its general fund to pavement preservation than any other county in California (General Fund Contributions by County).