Save Our Sonoma Roads is a citizens group whose purpose is to improve the condition of our county and city roads and streets.  Good roads are vital to public safety, property values and our economic well-being.

But after years of neglect, the official County policy is to let 84 percent of county roads degrade to gravel. SOS Roads says this is unacceptable.

The deterioration of county roads and city streets is at a crisis level and is directly correlated to insufficient funding for road maintenance and preservation. 

How bad are our roads? Click here to see roads in red that the county considers to be failed roads.

Our goal is to adequately fund the restoration of our county road and city streets.

SOS Roads will accomplish its mission by educating individuals, groups and businesses on how roads are funded and by advocating for appropriate allocation of public funds to roads. 

What You Can Do:

  1. Join SOS Roads as a Road Supporter or Road Champion. Your membership will help us in our effort to convince policy makers that letting roads deteriorate is unacceptable.

  2. Make a donation to SOS Roads to support SOS Roads efforts to advocate on behalf of our roads.   

  3. Read our position statements and the various reports and studies that detail the crisis in road conditions and the devastating shortfall in funding for the rehabilitation and preservation of our roads system. 

  4. Put up a Tired of Potholes sign in your neighborhood and on the bad roads you drive. Go to Contact Us to request signs

  5. Write your County Supervisor and/or city council person to express your concern for the condition of our roads. 

  6. Start a SOS Roads Forum for your neighborhood and email your neighbors about the forum. 

  7. Write about your experience on county roads on the Road Forum.

  8. Sign up for our email list so we can keep you informed.