This section contains maps of the current road conditions (December 2011) in Sonoma County and also the County's map of Priority Roads:

1. Find out the ranking for the condition of your road on these maps of roads organized by Supervisor districts. The maps rank the of conditions from “good” to “failed” according to a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) used statewide as a standard to determine road conditions.

Maps of Road Conditions (PDF Format, 6 MB).

2. The county's policy is to do road preservation and maintenance on only about 200 miles of primary roads. All other roads will only get pothole patches at best. 

This is a map that shows the primary roads the County is planning to maintain with preventive maintenance methods. Check it to see if your road is one of the roads that will be allowed to fail and convert to gravel.

Sonoma County Priority Road Map (PDF format, 1 MB)

3. This map lists Sonoma County's Department of Transportation and Public Works

2013 Planned Construction Projects (PDF Format, 1.5 MB)

4. This is the county's two-year plan for which roads will be repaired. It includes a list of roads, PCI and a map of roads.

2015-2016 Planned Road Repairs