At this time, all projects on the 2023 list are anticipated to be completed during the upcoming construction season, although the problems with storm damage might delay work on Geysers Road. Among the projects to be completed in 2023 are portions of the following roads:
•    Adobe Canyon Road
•    Bittner Road
•    Blank Road
•    East Railroad Avenue
•    East Washington Avenue
•    Llano Road
•    Mirabel Road
•    Stony Point Road
•    Wohler Road

You can see a map highlighting roads to be paved in 2023 here (which includes some paid for by PG&E), and a list of roads in the pavement preservation program scheduled for work in 2022-2023 here.

Funding for the projects is partially the result of the advocacy of Save Our Sonoma Roads and its members, although we had no role in deciding which projects were included in the list.

Many projects are asphalt overlays, in which a large amount of new asphalt is placed on top of the damaged surface. While this treatment is more expensive than a chip seal (fine aggregate rock sprayed with a layer of oil), it provides much longer-lasting road surfaces.